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Intimacy confessionNew

Creation    Birds    Trees    Cathedral


Dish of oranges    Pipe-tree    Vegetation    Heart of Pope    Bilberry growth    Swans


Tsunami I    Tsunami II

Working process

Rendezvous       Session       After session

The life of trees

Peach orchard    Birch trees    Sakura    Avenue of trees

Wings of birds

Wings of birds I.    Wings of birds II.


Stars    Earth    Sun    Human


Ropewalker    Nests    Birds in treetops    Cathedral

Encounter (morning)    Encounter (evening)    Constellation    Felicity    Lovers

Predator    In spite of destiny    Fairy Godmothers    Strelitzia    Delicate spot

Beehives     Bushes    Moral disposition    Cornfield    Large beehive enterance    Spring

Reliquary    Feeder    Untitled    Meadow    Aureate vintage

Flies    My rainy day    Red sky (New landscape)    Skyey    NY


Ray of light    Metal roof    Meditation

Lilac    Above us    Torso (Boat)    …ante finem - ante portas   

Icon    Budding    Untitled    Haycock    Green bush

In head    Shadow    Book    Majesty

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